EMT Class

The Fall 2020 Class has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A message from the Vice President of Education:

Hello all,

My name is Isabella Turilli and I’m the Vice President of Education for GERMS. As I’m sure you know, GERMS and Georgetown University as a whole has been navigating the ongoing pandemic in an attempt to provide the best education possible for its students.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, GERMS will be out of service and hence unable to run its Fall 2020 class. I sincerely apologize for this and the inconvenience this has caused you. The GERMS Training team and I have spent the summer preparing for the class, and it is  disappointing that we won’t be able to teach the next generation of EMTs this coming semester. Please understand it is a decision made for the health and safety of everyone in the Georgetown community.

We hope to get our class back up and running as soon as possible. Please continue to check the websites for updates as we work towards a tentative Spring 2021 EMT-B course.

Thank you so much for your patience, and we hope to meet you on campus next year!

Isabella and the Training Team

GERMS offers an EMT certification course level in the fall, spring, and summer. This class is accredited and regulated through the District of Columbia Department of Health, EMS division.

The class is designed to teach vital EMS skills, including but not limited to: airway management, CPR, patient assessment, oxygen administration, medication administration, bleeding control, and splinting. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be in a good position to complete their requirements for NREMT certification. GERMS provides psychomotor testing at the end of the course, coordination of observation hours with nearby EMS organizations, and guidance through the certification process. EMTs from the GERMS class have gone on to work as doctors, EMTs, nurses, firefighters and more all over the country and the world. GERMS members assist by coordinating skills practice and logistics within the class. 

The class is a significant time commitment, and that should be taken into account when considering application. All individuals must be 18 years of old by the time of NREMT psychomotor examination, held at the end of each class. NREMT rules additionally restrict convicted felons, and missing more than a set amount of class time. 

The price is tentatively set as $850 for Georgetown affiliates (students, alumni, and employees) and $2000 for non-affiliates. This price includes:

  • The textbook (Emergency Care, 13th Edition  – Limmer and O’Keefe).
  • A vitals kit (including a BP cuff, stethoscope, and penlight).
  • 130 hours of instruction – both hands-on and lecture-based. Includes CPR certification course as well as all mandatory EMT skills.
  • A CPR certification card.
  • Access to our equipment and training staff for training sessions and preparation for the psychomotor examination.
  • Access to our psychomotor examination. The psychomotor examination, held under supervision of the DC Department of Health, is one of two tests that you must take in order to become a Nationally Certified EMT. 

Financial aid is offered for Georgetown undergraduates only. A variety of half and full scholarships are available, with a special full scholarship specifically offered for Georgetown Scholarship Program students each class cycle.

A payment plan is offered to all students wherein payments are given in two installments – half at the start of the class and half at the midway point of the class. 

The class is designed with all students in mind, not just Georgetown students. We welcome all who wish to apply. Our classes are usually 45-50 students from all different backgrounds – we pride ourselves on an inclusive and enthusiastic learning environment. If you have any concerns about this, do not hesitate to reach out.

Looking to become a nationally certified EMT? Fill out this form if you are interested in receiving info about the Spring 2021 GERMS EMT course.

The schedule and dates of our information session for the Spring 2021 Class are TBD. For more information, please refer to the Spring 2020 powerpoint. All information other than the class dates still stands for the Spring 2021 class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Director of Training, JP Nguyen, at training@georgetownems.org