Current GERMS Leadership

Executive Board

President: Brendan Rooney (COL ’20)

Captain: Hadley Greenwood (COL ’20)

Vice President of Education: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

Vice President of Operations: Nicole Chen (NHS ’20)

Vice President of Staff: Jack Ryan (COL ’20)

Junior Member-at-Large: Molly Vencel (NHS ’21)

Senior Member-at-Large: Caitlyn Brandon (NHS ’21)

Treasurer: Caleb Ernst (COL ’21)

Secretary: Georgia Payne (COL ’21)

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 Crew Chief Council

Captain: Hadley Greenwood (COL ’20)

QI/QA Officer: Jack Ryan (COL ’20)

Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

John Hutton (NHS ’20)

Brendan Rooney (COL ’20)

Education Department

Vice President of Education: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

Directors of Training: Sara Burgoa (COL ’21) & Jean-Pierre “JP” Nguyen (COL ’21)

Assistant Directors of Training: Shauit Nair (COL ’22) & Isabella Turilli (SFS ’22)

Summer Directors of Training: Shuait Nair (COL ’22) & Jean-Pierre “JP” Nguyen (COL ’21)

Summer Assistant Directors of Training: Sara Burgoa (COL ’21), Rebecca Glick (NHS ’21), & Caitlin Kearney (COL ’21)

Directors of Ongoing Education: Steven Banko (COL ’21) & John Hutton (NHS ’20)

Director of Recertification and Continuing Medical Education: Emma Nedell (COL ’20)

Observation Hours Coordinator: Caitlin Kearney (COL ’21)

Operations Department

Vice President of Operations: Nicole Chen (NHS ’20)

Director of Ambulance Operations: Federico Palacardo (COL ’20)

Director of Driver Training: Lindsay Howlett (NHS ’21)

Fall Director of Scheduling: Mary Kate Etscorn (NHS ’21)

Spring Director of Scheduling: Myra Lewontin (COL ’21)

Director of Standbys: Ceylan Metin (COL ’22)

Director of Equipment: Julia Foley (COL ’22)

Director of Electronic Systems: Aidan Reid (COL ’21)

Directors of Office Maintenance and Enhancement: Zachary Fritz (COL ’21) & Sonia Vohra (SFS ’20)

Director of Safety: Isabella Turilli (SFS ’22)

Medication Tracking Coordinator: Darren Danaie (COL ’21)

Staff Department

Vice President of Staff: Jack Ryan (COL ’20)

Directors of Public Relations: Caroline Adams (COL ’21), Natalia Kellam (COL ’20), & Meredith Shamamian (NHS ’21)

Director of Personnel: William Perrone (MSB ’21)

Directors of Probationary Members: Kamden Gray (COL ’20) & Caitlin Murray (COL ’20)

Director of Second Semester Members: Kayleigh Butler (COL ’20)

Director of Alumni Relations: Connor Barrett (COL ’21)

Directors of Diversity and Inclusion: Emily “Ren” Ren (COL ’21) & Nikita Sardana (COL ’20)

Directors of Retreats and Reflections: Mary Kate Etscorn (NHS ’21) & Nicole “Nicki” Gray (NHS ’20)

Historian: Joseph Maccarone (NHS ’21)

Treasury Department

Director of Business Relations: Alex Valin (MSB ’21)