Current GERMS Leadership

Executive Board

President: Brendan Rooney (COL ’20)

Captain: Hadley Greenwood (COL ’20)

Vice President of Education: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

Vice President of Operations: Nicole Chen (NHS ’20)

Vice President of Staff: Jack Ryan (COL ’20)

Junior Member-at-Large: Molly Vencel (SFS ’21)

Senior Member-at-Large: Caitlyn Brandon (NHS ’21)

Treasurer: Caleb Ernst (NHS ’21)

Secretary: Georgia Payne(COL ’21)

 Crew Chief Council

Captain: Hadley Greenwood (COL ’20)

Ali Baird (NHS ’19)

Carter Boughton (COL ’19)

Lindsey Caines (NHS ’19)

Brendan Rooney (COL ’20)

Jack Ryan (COL ’20)

Kai Yoshinaga (NHS ’19)

Operations Department

Vice President of Operations: Lindsey Caines (NHS ’19)

Director of Ambulance Operations: Kelly Mandella (COL ’20)

Director of Driver Training: Nicole Chen (NHS ’20)

Director of Scheduling: Nikita Sardana (COL ’20)

Director of Standbys: Ceylan Metin (COL ’21)

Director of Equipment: Lindsay Howlett (NHS ’21)

Director of Electronic Systems: Aidan Reid(COL ’21)

Director of Office Maintenance and Enhancement: Caitlin Murray (COL ’20)

Director of Safety: Isabella Turilli (SFS ’22)

Education Department

Vice President of Education: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

Director of Training: JP Nguyen (NHS’21), Shuait Nair (COL ’22)

Assistant Directors of Training: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21), Jean-Pierre “JP” Nguyen (COL’ 21), Emily “Ren” Ren (COL ’21), and Molly Vencel (NHS ’21)

Director of Ongoing Education: Kai Yoshinaga (NHS ’19)

Director of Recertification: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

Director of CPR: Will Escobar (COL ’21)

Observation Hours Coordinator: Emma Nedell (COL ’20)

Practical Testing Coordinator: Molly Vencel (NHS ’21)

CME Coordinator: Ahmad Al-Husseini (NHS ’20)


Staff Department

Vice President of Staff: Jack Ryan (COL ’20)

Directors of Public Relations: Brendan Rooney (COL ’20) and Natalia Kellam (COL ’20)

Director of Personnel: Nicki Gray (NHS ’20)

Director of Probationary Members: Grae Hill (NHS ’20)

Director of Second Semester Members: Claire Ressel (COL ’20)

Director of Alumni Relations: Emily Graul (NHS ’20)

Director of Diversity and Inclusion: Danielle Maduka (COL ’19)

Assistant Directors of Diversity and Inclusion: Jean-Pierre “JP” Nguyen (COL’ 21) and Emily “Ren” Ren (COL ’21)

Directors of Retreats and Reflections: Michael Chanen (COL ’19) and Eleanor Tolf (COL ’19)