Current Leadership

Jose Victor Nable, MD
Carol Day, RN, MSN, CNS

Medical Director

Jose Victor Nable, MD is an emergency medicine physician in the Emergency Department at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. He also serves as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Faculty Advisor

Carol Day, RN, MSN, CNS, is the Director of Health Education Services at Georgetown University. She also serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Human Science in the School of Nursing and Health Studies.


President: Caleb Ernst (NHS ’21)

Captain: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

Vice President of Operations: Georgia Payne (COL ’21)

Vice President of Staff: Caitlyn Brandon (NHS ’21)

Vice President of Education: Isabella Turilli (SFS ’22)

Junior Member-at-Large: Caroline Adams (COL ’21)

Senior Member-at-Large: Milan Dolezal (COL ’21)

Treasurer: Caitlin Kearney (COL ’21)

Secretary: Grace Murray (NHS ’22)


Captain: Julia Friberg (NHS ’21)

QI/QA Officer: Lindsay Howlett (NHS ’21)

Catherine Dunn (COL ’21)

Joe Maccarone (NHS ’21)

Meredith Shamamian (NHS ’21)


Vice President of Operations: Georgia Payne (COL ’21)

Director of Ambulance Operations: Ceylan Metin (COL ’22)

Director of Driver Training: Meredith Shamamian (NHS ’21)

Fall Director of Scheduling: Subul Malik (COL ’21)

Spring Director of Scheduling: Lindsey Schneider (NHS ’21)

Director of Standbys: Henry Wiebe (COL ’22)

Director of Equipment: Myra Lewontin (COL ’21)

Director of Electronic Systems: Morgan Rizy (NHS ‘22)

Director of Office Maintenance and Enhancement: Tanner McGowan (COL ‘22)

Director of Safety: Jack Childs (NHS ’23)


Vice President of Staff: Caitlyn Brandon (NHS ’21)

Directors of Public Relations: Connor Barrett (COL ‘21), Nina Williams (NHS ‘22), RJ Atwal (COL ‘22)

Director of Personnel: Ashley Rensted (COL ’22)

Directors of Probationary Members: Julia Foley (COL ’22) & Becca Glick (NHS ’21)

Director of Second Semester Members: Olivia Blumberg (COL ’22)

Director of Alumni Relations: Jack Dunn (COL ’23)

Directors of Diversity and Inclusion: Megan Huynh (COL ‘22) and Ayesha Javaid (COL ‘21), Assistant Director of Team Operations: Joe Maccarone (NHS ‘21)

Director of Retreats and Reflections: Katherine Rangoussis (COL ‘21)

Historian: Joe Maccarone (NHS ’21)


Vice President of Education: Isabella Turilli (SFS ’22)

Directors of Training: Jean-Pierre “JP” Nguyen (COL ’21) and Sara Burgoa (COL ’21)

Assistant Directors of Training: Syona Hariharan (SFS ’22), Becca Glick (NHS ’21), Nikita Gupta (COL ’22), Christine Kao (NHS ’22), Shuait Nair (SFS ’22), Dana Schaar (COL ’22)

Director of Ongoing Education: Steven Banko (NHS ’21) 

BSA Coordinator: Zachary Fritz (COL ’21)

Director of Recertification and Continuing Medical Education: Catherine Dunn (COL ’21)

Director of CPR Training: Dana Schaar (COL ’22)


Treasurer: Caitlin Kearney (COL ’21)

Director of Business Relations: Rohan Mekala (MSB ’22)