If this is a medical emergency, please dial (202) 687-4357.

GERMS should be called when a person in the Georgetown community may be suffering from a medical emergency or needs assistance traveling to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. GERMS should be called whenever a person is sick, hurt, or scared about the health or well being of another person.

When you call GERMS, please try to have the following information:

  • The location of yourself and the patient
  • The patient’s medical problem
  • The patient’s age and sex
  • Is the patient conscious?
  • Is the patient breathing?
  • Is the patient bleeding?
  • Is there anything dangerous at the scene? (such as fire, electrical danger, armed individuals, etc.)
  • Any additional information that you believe GERMS should know prior to arrival

When GERMS arrives on scene, EMTs will assess the patient. EMTs will perform any appropriate medical interventions and will determine how to transport the patient to the hospital if necessary. EMTs can contact online medical control to receive immediate advice from a physician at the Georgetown University Hospital Emergency Department.

GERMS is committed to helping all Georgetown students during some of the most challenging moments in their college experience. If you are a Georgetown student and are concerned about the health or well being of another student, neither you nor the ill student will be subject to disciplinary action if you contact GERMS. Simply put, the health and safety of each student is most important. For more information on Georgetown University’s Medical Amnesty Policy, please see Appendix E: Medical Amnesty and Good Samaritan Policy in the Code of Student Conduct (page 43).

GERMS should be contacted if a person may have consumed too much alcohol or has suffered an injury after consuming alcohol. Signs that a person has consumed too much alcohol include significant vomiting, speaking incoherent sentences, thoughts of harming themselves or others, and inability to respond to simple commands. Georgetown University students who are assessed and treated by GERMS will not face disciplinary consequences from the University per its Medical Amnesty Policy.

If you are concerned that a person has consumed too much alcohol, please contact GERMS at 202-687-4357.

GERMS should be contacted if a person has been sexually assaulted or is experiencing a psychiatric emergency. GERMS EMTs are trained to recognize and care for patients suffering from these conditions. GERMS is a safe and confidential link for these patients to health care providers who specialize in caring for these patients.  

Psychiatric emergencies include panic attacks, suicidal thoughts or actions, thoughts of harming other people, or altered mental status.  Use of alcohol or drugs could cause a psychiatric emergency.  These are serious medical conditions that should be assessed by trained medical professionals.

For emergency medical care, please contact GERMS at 202-687-4357.

GERMS respect our patient’s privacy. GERMS EMTs strictly adhere to patient confidentiality provisions as defined by federal and state law. Each GERMS EMT understands that it is a privilege to serve our patients and thus will not share patient names, health conditions, call locations, or other private health information.