GERMS should be called when a person in the Georgetown community may be suffering from a medical emergency or needs assistance traveling to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital.


GERMS offers an EMT certification course level in the fall, spring, and summer. This class is accredited and regulated through the District of Columbia Department of Health, EMS division. Updates about the next GERMS course will be coming soon.


GERMS is a volunteer, student-run emergency medical service. We are made up of around 80-100 Georgetown University undergraduates who are nationally certified EMTs. Our emergency services are free to all of our patients.

APPLY TO GERMS! The application for the spring 2022 GERMS probationary class is now OPEN! Applications are due by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, December 3rd. 

The application is open to those with a current NREMT license and an AHA BLS certification.

Click here to apply now!

Office Hours will be held Saturday 11/27 from 12-1 PM EST and Wednesday 12/1 from 5-6 PM EST. Zoom links can be found in the application form.

Fall Hours

Thursdays 8pm – Mondays 8am

Updates about the next GERMS class will be coming soon!